Prebuilt provides a one-stop shop for designing, project managing and constructing modular prefabricated commercial buildings that are ready for delivery and installation across Australia.

Prebuilt Commercial is an Australian-owned business that combines solid academic training with extensive experience in large-scale civic and commercial and multi-residential construction, architecture, engineering and cost estimating.

In 2003, Prebuilt identified the need for well-designed, high-quality modular buildings that were a million miles from the archetypal boxes that were being delivered by the small kit-home builders at the time.

With the owners’ background in commercial project management, construction and large-scale asset management, as well as their passion for outstanding architecture, Prebuilt was established as a start-up company manufacturing residential and commercial factory-built buildings.

To maintain high standards of design and construction, Prebuilt has gathered together a team with many years’ experience in residential and commercial construction.

Rob Colquhoun
Christiana Colquhoun
Ryan Yan
Julie Thai
Carin Campbell
Lan Ching Khoo
Minna Waldron
Hannah Xu
Lisa Wang
Lin Yu
Nicole O’Reilly
Aimee Russouw
Alexandra Legg
Levi Potier
Ben Moon
Greg Cook
Mark Gazzola
Dennis Murphy
Graeme Jewell
James Alsop
Murray Budin
Paul Breward
Matthew O’Callaghan
Claire Hupfield
Ian Scott
Chris Sutton
Elysia Macallef
Kirsty Bain
Sandhya Sharma
Anupama Cleetus
Taran Singh
Farzaneh Nikrou
Vahid Elyaee
Wayne Smith
Ming Wang
Jason Sceberras
Han Tian Leow
Matteo Cuccu
Cal Haskings
Michael Bell
Thomas Halliday
Daniel Grossman
Anthony Wang
Rafael Vendrame
Simeon Berson
Scott Gordon
Claudia Beltran Toro
At Prebuilt we believe that the health and wellbeing of our people and the public is of upmost value. Everyone who works with us has an important role to play, as a company we strive to ensure that our work is completed safely and without risk to ourselves and those we work with.

It is our policy to

  • Promote a positive attitude towards safety,
  • Regularly review and evaluate our process,
  • Ensure that safety is an integral part of every position,
  • Build our projects safer and without risk,
  • Undertake regular inspections to improve our compliance,
  • Investigate all incidents and prevent reoccurrences,
  • Lead our team to design projects with safety in mind,
  • Trust and work in total collaboration with our partners

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