Prebuilt Commercial recognises that every commercial project is unique.

Tight timeframes, as well as design and site constraints, are all carefully considered and managed by our in-house team in collaboration with the client and architect.

Avoid any issues associated with onsite construction by talking to Prebuilt Commercial about constructing your new building in our factory environment, so that we can deliver and install it in a timeframe that suits.


A Prebuilt construction job is up to 50 per cent quicker than an in-situ commercial construction build. Our prefab construction methods allow concurrent works to occur in the factory and onsite, with a factory construction period of approximately eight to 12 weeks and onsite installation in just two to six weeks.

Our undercover factory environment ensures our commercial buildings are constructed quickly to the highest quality without any weather delays.

While onsite preparation and foundations are being laid, units are being fabricated to final completion in the factory. Consistent high quality is safely achieved as the units are manufactured in a controlled factory environment with dedicated and experienced supervision.

Quality Control
Quality control begins at the documentation stage and continues on the factory floor until the project is completed onsite. Every stage is inspected to ensure issues are resolved immediately.

A big advantage to factory construction is that the building’s quality is not impacted by the weather during construction, as all materials, frame and flooring are kept clean and dry. Prebuilt has a team of four experienced construction supervisors who oversee the construction and installation of the buildings, while a Project Manager/Engineer manages the project’s overall construction and ensures that quality inspections are carried out during each stage.

This constant supervision, together with the undercover construction, ensures the highest levels of quality are maintained throughout the building phase.

Cost Efficiency

Prefabricated construction provides a number of financial savings thanks to a minimised construction time, fixed-price costing with stock purchased materials and shared resources across multiple jobs.

A factory construction allows a high-quality build at a fixed price, regardless of site location. Our buildings can be designed and engineered to suit cyclone ratings, snow loadings, energy ratings and accessibility requirements with minimal impact on cost.


Prebuilt Commercial places emphasis on combining technology with good design to minimise the environmental impact and reduce running costs for each building constructed.

Our structures don’t rely on traditional building materials such as concrete and brick, and there’s no need for ongoing transport to site while factory construction is underway, resulting in reduced embodied energy and a minimal carbon footprint.

We also effectively manage our materials – environmentally sustainable wherever possible – by undertaking bulk procurement and recycling any wastage to approved recyclers.

Our modular prefabricated buildings are also truly recyclable, and can be easily relocated to another site if and when required.

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