Prebuilt Commercial is passionate about this industry and strives to solve the most complex commercial building problems using prefab solutions.
We offer our clients a new and innovative approach to deliver prefabricated modular buildings that may not have been possible to factory manufacture in the past. In every project we take on, our dedicated in-house team of project managers and designers work with the client and design team at every level to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

With over ten years experience in complex and high-end commercial projects, this has positioned Prebuilt Commercial as a market leader and creative problem solver.


At Prebuilt Commercial, we respect and appreciate the role that design professionals play in determining how a building should look and feel. After all, a well-considered design is critical to delivering a successful outcome.

We understand the importance of good design and work with the architect and other specialist design team members to ensure the design integrity of the building is maintained while also maximising the benefits of prefabricated construction.

Having completed numerous projects throughout Australia, Prebuilt Commercial’s professional team is able to consider a range of new and innovative materials in our building design to meet and exceed client expectations.

Documentation and Code Compliance
Prebuilt Commercial maintains and encourages open and transparent relationships with all relevant authorities to ensure our documentation adheres to current Australian Building Codes.

We work closely and collaboratively with your architect and a wide range of consultants, including retail designers, DDA, hydraulics, electrical, lighting and building surveyors, to ensure all elements are considered and included in the early planning stages of a building’s design.

We are experienced in all forms of documentation for architecture, interior design and structural design. Prebuilt employees have access to all relevant building codes and requirements that affect the design and construction of your commercial property.

Stakeholder Management

There are a variety of stakeholders involved in the construction of a building, including the client, the engineer, the architect and the builder. Understanding the role of each stakeholder is key and ensures clarity is provided throughout the project delivery process.

We are motivated to provide commercial solutions that are design-led, value-driven and eco-friendly and deliver a process that is hassle-free and transparent. We value excellence in everything we do and enjoy working closely with clients and design teams during delivery and construction.

Project Management
With experience across a wide range of disciplines including large-scale civic and commercial construction, multi-residential construction, architecture, engineering, documentation and cost estimating, our approach is underpinned by a project management system that has been honed and enhanced over many years.

Prebuilt Commercial has the capacity to manage your entire project, both in our factory and on the site. Each project is allocated a Project Manager and Co-ordinator to ensure your building is delivered in a professional manner on time and on budget. The Project Manager, Co-ordinator and Foreman also carry out quality assurance checks throughout each stage of the build to ensure a high-end finish is achieved.

By using Prebuilt’s prefabricated construction, we can ensure the level of quality is consistent regardless of the site’s location.

Factory Construction
At our factories based in the Melbourne suburb of Kilsyth, Prebuilt Commercial has more than 12,000 square metres of undercover work space and employs up to 150 construction workers so that we can produce any number of buildings to our clients’ requirements.

A factory build means reduced time, costs and wastage thanks to dedicated and skilled tradespeople who work across a variety of commercial jobs.

We are capable of doing both mass production of the same type of building or a tailored bespoke project, and have the capacity and facilities to accommodate large and varied projects at any one time within our factory environment.

Health and Safety
The health and safety of Prebuilt Commercial’s employees, clients, contractors and suppliers is our highest priority.

This responsibility is shared by all employees, with our company’s Occupational Health and Safety policy articulating our approach to hazard reporting, incident and injury management, emergency management and safety inspections.


We provide innovative engineering solutions for even the most structurally challenging project. With a focus on creativity and the ability to solve problems in even the most challenging situations, our team of employees always considers innovative solutions when faced with a design challenge.

At Prebuilt Commercial, we pride ourselves in adapting the in-situ design so it is suitable for prefabrication yet maintaining the original architect’s design intent.

Our in-house structural documentation and engineering team work with external engineering consultants and architects to deliver design-led, structurally-efficient buildings.

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